Making glass pendants

Sergii Gavryliuk

I want to tell how I tried glass fusing. And how I tested my SpeedFire mini kiln for fuzing.


There are times when you are kinda stuck, don't want to do anything... At this point you probably need some push. So having a friend who will take you to try something new is pretty great and works as needed push forward.

So we went to the glass studio to make some glass cabochons.

So the glass plates get fuzed together...

After its ready fun begins


You take a hammer and.... SMASH!!!! 



Than choose nice looking pieces to get melted into small glass puddles

Small leftover pieces go through sifter and can be used in cabochon molds





Only best pieces went into big kiln in the glass studio. Rest we took home and I've decided to try out my little friend SpeedFire 1800 mini kiln for fuzing glass. To use it for glass you need kiln paper or kiln wash so the glass won't stick to the base of the kiln so you still able to use it for precious metal clay!




They've turned out pretty nice, if I had more patience they would get more puddle like lol.

Now let your imagination go wild =)))


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